Women's Health

We provide a comprehensive Women’s health service including:

  • Contraception including insertion of long acting contraceptives such as the implanon (bar) and contraceptive coils.
  • Family planning services
  • Fertility investigations
  • Sexual health screening
  • Antenatal and post natal care *
  • Crisis pregnancy
  • Cervical screening**
  • Breast check examinations
  • Menopause assessment and management

*This service is provided free through mother and baby scheme.

**This service is provided free for women through Cervical Check.
Please check https://www2.hse.ie/screening-and-vaccinations/cervical-screening/check-the-cervicalcheck-register.html
**You will be invited for screening from 25 to 29 years old – every 3 years and from 30 to 65 years old – every 5 years. Please make an appointment when your smear is due.
Contraception service is now provided free for women aged 17-25.