Musculoskeletal Medicine

Nearly one third of all presentations to general practice consist of musculoskeletal conditions. We endeavor to help listen, examine, diagnose and manage your various issues with a systematic patient centered approach. Some of our doctors have completed further diplomas in this area of medicine and have a special interest in helping you through and advise on how to keep your joints healthy.

We can also offer joint injections when indicated as an adjunct to management of your issues such as knee, shoulder and hip injections among others.

This may allow us to provide pain relief and reduce inflammation by injecting the affected joint with a local anaesthetic and corticosteroid, or drain off any excess fluid from the joint which may have accumulated.

If you have private health Insurance this will usually cover the cost of the procedure and you do not have to pay directly for it. These procedures can also done in the hospitals but waiting lists are usually much longer.