Mother and Baby Care

We provide a comprehensive maternity service through the HSE Maternity and Infant scheme. Under this programme all patients both public and private are entitled to free maternity care which is shared between the hospital maternity service and your GP.

You are entitled to 7 antenatal consultations and 3 post natal visits free of charge (2 week check for the baby and a 6 week check for both mum and baby). If you have a pregnancy related condition such as diabetes and hypertension then you may be covered for up to another 5 visits free of charge. A public health nurse will also visit the mother and baby at home in the first 6 weeks after birth.

Turloughmore Health Centre also provides free seasonal flu vaccines to our pregnant patients. We would strongly advise all pregnant women to make use of this service, which is safe to administer at all stages of pregnancy.

It is also recommended that pregnant women receive a pertussis vaccine between 16 weeks to 36 weeks. Again this will not cause any harm to the mother and it is important for protecting the baby against whooping cough which can be a life threatening illness to an infant.